Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is the last video my camera got to film before it broke.

A clown with a knife. What a fucking terrible way to go out, right? I bet he thought he would die at an old age, filming a sunset over a beach. Nope. Clown with a knife.

Not having a camera for like 4 days was agonizing. Having a ton of cool/crazy stuff going on just rubbed salt (and lemon juices from one of those little plastic lemons that is supposed to look just like a real lemon) in the wound. But, the saddest thing is I missed the opportunity to film something really really amazing when I had the camera (this was Saturday - it broke on Sunday). Are there any moments that you really regret not capturing? If so, check out this incredible site that collects essays from photographers, writing about the photographs not taken. My favorite is from Mark Steinmetz.