Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pour it up for Duck

There has certainly been a lot of really great humans passing away lately (which is the case everyday I suppose). Typically, when someone great passes away, the blogosphere tends to provide ample coverage of their death and more importantly their life. I have passed up multiple posts like these in the recent past. Maybe it was because I didn't feel that I needed to add what was already being said a million times in a million different places. Maybe it was because I didn't grow up with these idols but merely found them later in life.

However, yesterday, a real hero of mine growing up passed away, Kevin "The Duck" Duckworth. When I was a kid I used to shoot around in my driveway, I would pretend to be Clyde Drexler, with an imaginary Duckworth grabbing all my missed shots, telling me to keep practicing. It is times like that I wish I could relive, but unfortunately, I just keep getting further away from them. But, not in my head...

R.I.P. Duck. See you on the courts.