Saturday, October 27, 2007

I was perusing an old blog of mine from 2004 and I stumbled upon a gem (a stupid AIM conversation) that is exactly 3 years old to this day.

Girl: do you remember up until 30 minutes ago i 'hated' you
Me: its a thin line between love and hate lady
Me: i figure you meant something on the other side
Girl: what are you getting at?
Me: well, halloween is coming up, and i am looking for treats.
Girl: mhm
Girl: well good luck using that line
Me: well that's exactly it, it is all about lines
Me: but if you mean phrases to pick up women, you misunderstood me
Girl: i see
Girl: proceed...
Me: because i meant lines around the block for a little kiss on these lips
Me: but i'll let you cut if you want.
Girl: what are you even talking about
Girl: are you rapping still?
Me: girl, i'm planning to wrap up the deal with you.
Girl: ok
Girl: start wrapping