Sunday, January 6, 2008

This Is The Real Deal.

So I just got done watching "The New American Gladiators" and man... It is stupid.

When I was younger I would usually skip school and spend most of my day watching terrible daytime television. I'd start my day with Nick Jr. then move on over to USA to watch Press Your Luck, Major Dad, and MacGyver. It was definitely a solid block of television but the real gem was American Gladiators. It was a good time to be a douchebag kid.

So naturally I was a little curious about the new version (though I guess now that I am old enough to grasp the concept of steroids I am a bit grossed out), and while it was super lame, I did have a pretty good laugh. Especially since the Gladiators look like they were created by SEGA. What happened to Nitro and Zap? In the new one they have a turd named The Wolf, and some fake ass Maori war crying dude named Toa. The new class doesn't seem to carry the same campy omnipresence as the Gladiators of old.

Other things I hated: I didn't like the fact they tried to spin the typical reality show type drama in the mix. I don't give a shit that one contestant was a toilet paper saleswoman (she hurt her leg in the first event). In fact, the contestants were super lame, particularly the "skateboarder" from San Diego. And I really didn't care for the fact the contestants had pithy remarks for each interview that were obviously pre-written by the writers of the show.

Sigh, but I guess I am the real twat to be blogging about this in the first place.


Andrew said...

twat or not, I am with you...this show is so sub-par compared to the old one. They obviously pre-skripted the dialogue between contestants and the Gladiators are absolutely ridiculous! Some things I did rather enjoy, however, are how brutal the 'eliminator' seemed and watching that marine bitch crack her skull open on an uderwater bar (which Im sure will unfortunately be padded on the next episode...) and HELGA, the 'fat' female gladiator.