Saturday, February 23, 2008


Happy Birthday Guys!

Anibal Rivera (not this one) came into his third period Global Studies class. He told his students that in Spring Quarter they would be welcoming two new foreign exchange students. They were twins from Australia. Their names were Adrian and Ashley. The boys in the class didn't respond with any jokes or snide comments like they always seemed to do. In fact, none of them said anything. It was because their minds were too busy, thinking of all the carnal things they could whisper in bed to both of the beautiful, blonde, Australians.

Spring came and just like Anibal had announced earlier in the year - so did the twins. Though the boys' fantasies about erotic pillow talk changed just as the seasons do. There were two reasons for this. One was because the Barbies they had spent an entire winter daydreaming about ended up being two small Chinese boys. The other reason was that the brothers who spent long enough in Australia to develop a thick accent - were simply too hard to understand.


Andrew said...

remember when I used to follow them in my car after school as they'd walk home?