Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So over the last few months I have been editing/adding stuff to Wikipedia (I have made almost 400 contributions). In my opinion it is the best site/database/resource on the internet. While the authenticity of Wikipedia is always in question - you just can't deny the plethora of amazing articles you can find there. Here are a couple of my recent favorites.

-List of TV series cancelled after one episode.
-List of self-contradicting words in English.
-The Big Rip.
-List of inventors killed by their own inventions.
-List of humorous units of measurement.
-List of jobs held by Homer Simpson.
-Ann Hodges.
-List of fictional computers.
-List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters.
-Longest word in the English language.

However, none of these come close to the awesomeness of this next article.

-List of problems solved by MacGyver.

Where are you going to get facts like that? A dictionary? Pfff.


Andrew said...

I kind of like this list:


Anonymous said...

this list is freaking GOLD, my friend

(an)drea said...

bazillion megafonzies.