Monday, March 3, 2008


Notice anything wrong here? I do, those team names don't make sense anymore. Can anyone think of anywhere else less 'Jazz' than Utah?

Here is my solution to this.


As you can see on this map of various Santas in the United States, if the Charlotte Bobcats traded the name to Utah, Utah could trade their name back to New Orleans, and New Orleans could trade their name back to Charlotte. (Note: this triangle also potentially includes the most Santas available in the South and Mid-West portions of the country.)

Utah Bobcats, New Orleans Jazz, and Charlotte Hornets.


If they do end up taking this idea - Utah, you have to put this on a jersey.



(an)drea said...

you forgot the "s." great googly moogly.

Andrew said...

I like that you gave the bobcat blonde hair...quite fitting based on the state represented, perhaps some baby blue eyes as well?

I would love to see Kyle Korver and Andrei Kirilinko bumping chests with this cutesey logo plaster upon them.