Thursday, July 31, 2008

Juanita The Bike DeHut
5-20-2008 to 7-30-2008

I know it is just a bike, but I am pretty heartbroken. I built it from absolute scratch with my bare hands. It took a really long time to do, but when it was finally finished, it was the best looking/feeling bike I thought I'd ever ride.

I never got to tell you bike, but: "I really loved you, even if you weren't human. You really made me happy."



Bo said...

Forget about the thoughts of Juanita being ridden and abused by a useless meth head, just think of her being in a better place...perhaps she was scrapped for parts and used to complete the bicycles of half a dozen medically fragile children...god bless her. RIP.

Anna said...

I"m adding your blog to my technorati faves. juanita could also be in tijuana. i'll look for her this weekend.