Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If you have paid as much attention to facial hair as I have (and I pay plenty of attention - it grows out of my fucking face) then you may be pretty disturbed by it. Does anyone else realize a mustache is just a third eyebrow? Think about it.

Congratulations, you have formed a triangle outline with your hair strips. (Well, people like Tom Selleck have more of an upside-down trapezoid look, but it is still very geometric). You look very sophisticated. Ever hear how triangles (as a symbol) represent power and strength? (Probably because of their usefulness in architecture.) Could that be why people associate mustaches with power? Because they form a triangle on your face?

I wonder what various facial hair styles would have been popular over the ages if say women could grow some. How would a feminine facial hair style differ from a masculine one?


Andrew said...

If what you are saying is true about mustaches, what kind of power does Jerry hold? Is a wider mustache necessarily a better mustache in terms of strength? If thats the case, then what about Hitler? I think you may be on to something here...