Saturday, September 1, 2007

The internet is amazing for so many reasons (porn, porn, and spam email). But, one of my favorites is the ability to seemingly create a neo-time-capsule.

I had a lot of really great memories in this crum hole and I am happy I filmed bits of it before I left.

this is the room that the flies live in.
this is the room where Evan sleeps.
this is the room where Evan flies.

this is where Andrew used to only cook eggs.
this is where Keith made peanut butter ramen.
this is where Collin cooked too much food for people who didn't live here.
this is where Dan left food out.
this is where Evan put his leftovers.

this is where we brush our teeth.
this is where we wash our hair.
this is where we poop our ass.

this is where we skateboard at 3 am.
this is where we make our mess.
this is where we throw bottles off.