Sunday, November 25, 2007

Having lived exclusively in white trash neighborhoods for most my life has stunted my expectations for various things. The greatest example of this is rollerskating. Nearly every birthday party I remember going to seemed to be housed in some sort of bullshit roller rink. The consumer base could usually be found wearing Big Dogs, Top Dawg, or some sort of other dog related clothing. When they weren't gleefully skating along to any one of the Top 40 songs that the DJ was selecting off a party CD they could be heard yelling some shit about me or my clothing. Until last night, I sort of pictured that is what rollerskating was like all around the country.

But then I went skating in the hood...

The most notable difference can be found in the fact that Egyptian Lover was the fucking DJ. It was crazy to actually skate to music I like. Because of the music - people seemed to be dancing/gliding rather than just skating along. I saw so many amazing "moves" and "tricks" and I am not talking about the shit in that Dipset skate video. I mean "moves" like on the Roll Bounce tip.

Here is a poor example of all the fun I was having:

Nothing takes the edge off a long night of rollerskating than Curb Your Enthusiasm and a large strawberry soda.


Andrew said...

imagine that...a skating rink where you can't get in for discounted rates with a church flier nor made fun of for wearing anything but white trash clothing. I want to go!

djmoonbooties said...

what!!! i saw that flyer. i am so jealous. does he spin a lot at the rink?!! omg. OMG.