Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is Thanksgiving.

Other than the extra long weekend it provides, I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving. However, I was able to turn this normally lonely holiday into a pretty fun day.

This morning, B and I volunteered for Gobble Gobble Give. I helped carve up/break down some turkeys, which was actually really gross. Later, I got to go around and hand out meals and clothes to homeless people in LA. It was awkward at first to ask someone if they needed food (I was worried I was going to ask someone who wasn't homeless but just disheveled looking and they'd take offense - luckily I guessed correctly) but after seeing how happy it was making people, my negative thoughts quickly dispersed.

I am thankful for: friends, parachutes, hamburgers, and having two ears.

I am not thankful for: spiders, having to breathe to live, and Mutant League Football for SEGA.


This is an interesting segment about Thanksgiving from Russell Means' book titled - Where White Men Fear To Tread


Andrew said...

Happy belated thanksgiving. Sorry you couldnt make it up, but you were in my thoughts. What about Mutant League Hockey?